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Meet Jay

I am Jay.

I began my flooring career in 2002 as a trim carpenter. A few years later in 2005 I started doing hard surface flooring with a partner. After perfecting my craft with hard surfaces, I set out in 2008 to learn carpet and went out on my own sub contracting for a few of the “Big box stores”.

Finally, in 2013 I started opening accounts with a few distribution companies. We now sub contract for a few of the big companies, but the other portion of our work is selling directly to our own customers – like you – so you can enjoy the savings!

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Throughout all these years, we have installed nearly every name brand, products, options, colors, and all different types of flooring.

We are not like the competitors: we will only sell quality products we stand behind. You can trust us for a product that we know will last and make you happy with your flooring investment.

Our goal is not just to be your contractor, but your friend. We want to be your go-to contractor until the end.

We might only do floors, but we can refer you to some great contractors for other projects as well.